The Shine the Light podcast welcomes Melissa Wolak, MS!

Melissa Wolak, MS provides guidance and advisement to cultivate more presence, ease and fulfillment when encountering transitions (expected or unexpected) with your health, career or relationships. When you come to a crossroads, Melissa provides real, sustainable lifestyle shifts to overcome the fear, uncertainty and stress of making change. When given support and the steps to move forward you will feel confident while making conscious choices to invest in yourself more, to take care of others less and clearly communicate your desires, needs and ideas. She has created a unique holistic approach that promotes nourishment, connection and honesty. She incorporates her passion for learning about neuroscience, mindfulness, the mind-body connection and nutrition with over two decades of experience as a cognitive-communication therapist, educator and workshop facilitator with personal knowledge (and a sense of humor) gleaned from her own health and career journey.

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