First time creating a course?

No worries. We will help you along the way with our instructional PDF, software suggestions, and 1:1 help if needed.

Create multi-learning courses

Use video, image, text, audio, and PDF files. No two people learn the same way. Give your students the abilty to choose the options that work for them!

Let us build your beautiful course

Create your content & let us build your course. Easily import content your content directly from Dropbox, Google Drive, or OneDrive.

Engage in mind-provoking conversations

Converse with your students on your discussion board.

Earn extra money with pay-per-minute chat

Offer extra services (readings, healing, coaching) right from your personalized instuctor page. (coming 2020)

Attract students with your unlimited live & evergreen webinars

Collect emails of attendees & promote your courses.

Sales pages that convert

Instructor page + individual course sales pages are crafted to convert browsers to students.

Our domain to your domain

It starts with your own free domain on our site (, domain map it under your own domain name (, or link to a subdomain (

Promotional Opportunities Included

What Courses Do We Need?

  1. Astrology

  2. Numerology

  3. Runes

  4. Angels

  5. Guides

  6. Tarot/oracle cards

  7. Psychic gifts

  8. Past lives

  9. Spirits

  10. Chakras

  11. Energy healing

  12. Reiki

  13. Stone/Herbal healing

  14. Flower essence

  15. Yoga

  16. Meditation

  17. Spells/Magic

  18. Psychic defense

  19. Essential oils

  20. Color therapy

  21. Tapping

  22. Astral projection

  23. Lucid dreaming

  24. Passion & sex

  25. Clean eating

  26. Ayurvedic Lifestyle

  27. Feng shui

  28. Vision boards

  29. Plant medicine

  30. Tree knowledge

  31. Animal communicator


Q: What is the admin fee?

A: It is the fee 777 charges for creating and managing your account.

Q: What is the 2.5% PP fee?

A: The fee that Pay Pal automatically takes out of your income for being the payment processor.

Q: Who holds the copyright on my courses?

A: You do.

Q: What happens with my course/s if I no longer wish to have them on the 777 platform?

A: Your classes and student roasters (with emails) will be deleted.

Q: Can I post the course on more than one online school?

A: Yes, it’s your course. However, you should keep the same price point no matter where your classes are at. If you charge $299 for your course with 777 and then the student later finds the same course over at Teachable at $99, they’re going to feel ripped off.

Q: Do you have a limit on what I can charge for my courses?

A: No. However, you should have at least one entry-level course at a lower price point (say $49) so that students can get a feel for what you’re like before they spend more money.

Q: Do I need videos in my course?

A: No. However, the video is the # 1-way people learn.

Q: Okay, if I create a video, do I have to be in it?

A: No. You can create a video from a screen sharing program that never shows your face.

Q: If I get paid monthly, what day do I get paid?

A: The 1st of the following month you start. If you start May 2nd, you’ll get paid June 1st. If you start May 30th, you get paid June 1st if you have any sales.

Q: If I get paid bi-monthly, when do I get paid?

A: The 1st and the 15th.

Q: If I get paid weekly, when do I get paid?

A: Sunday

Q: Will I have access to my students?

A: Yes, you will have access to your dashboard, with your courses, students, and the students’ emails.

Q: What else do I need to know about the features of the course platform?

A: Currently, we will offer drip content, quizzes, classroom comments/discussion, and the ability for you to add rewards to keep your students motivated.

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