Inspired By Soul Growth

We offer a wide range of spiritual teaching and extra-soul growth activities.

We offer a range of spiritual growth classes in a variety of subject areas and will be providing extra activities to help you with your soul growth. We aim to build a community of people seeking to look outside their comfort zone and allow the “not possible” to be a possibility. We want to see you activate and learn about your gifts – to pursue the calling you feel from within your soul.

The 777 Institute is a safe place to explore your soul’s desire with your instructor, fellow students, or the founder of the institute, Allie Theiss.

Hi, I’m Allie Theiss,  the founder, and CEO of the 777 Institute. I grew up in a Catholic home with strict rules about looking for answers outside of the church’s world. It was a struggle to explore and grow spiritually as a child for every answer I sought was outside of Catholicism. Even with some of my extended family having extensive knowledge of tarot cards, alternative healings, magic, and dreams, my family still forbade that I pursue those paths.

Good thing I didn’t listen.

Through my teens and young adulthood, I struggled with being “ME” because of lack of a support network. As an adult, I had some support for my soul growth. However, it took its toll on both my marriage and many of my childhood friends. At age 40 I found myself finally free to explore and to grow my network of support.

I understand what it’s like to want to know more about a subject, but by finding out more and growing soulfully along with it will sink you into isolation within your current environment.

That’s why I started the 777 Institute as a place to share knowledge and encourage soul growth.

I hope you stick around and become a part of our community. Our online offerings are the foundation of what the 777 Institute will grow and become.

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